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Grandè Roux Stud was established in 2008, when we purchased our three foundation mares. Our vision is to breed on a small scale, but top quality. Of the three mares, two are classified Premium Status and one Keur. All semen used on our broodmares are from international studs such as VDL, Team Nijhof in Holland, Celle Stud and Paul Shockemöhle from Germany. Thus we breed international bloodlines in SA. All inseminations are obviously from frozen semen and conducted by Dr. Carel de Bruyn from Equine Fertility Clinic.

Our foals are birthed in small foaling camps on a level surface with soft going. We are present at each foaling and ensure thorough imprinting within 20 minutes of birth; after which the foal and mare are given time to bond without interference. They spend their first three months in these paddocks, being nurtured by the mare and undergoing a lot of human contact. This is the foundation of a trusting relationship between horse and human. As they develop, they move to larger paddocks and are allowed to interact with fellow mares & foals which encourages positive social behaviour among one another. During the next three years, the youngsters are raised in spacious paddocks being handled daily. They are gradually subjected to grooming and handling methods in an extremely sensitive manner. This makes it a joy to trim ears, pull & plait manes & tails, box them and then go to shows at a later stage.

We have a passion for equine nutrition and believe that a horse’s first three years of feeding will determine their soundness and health for the rest of its life. All our horses are raised on a Capstone Diet from 3 months of age. Capstone feeds are formulated specifically for South African conditions by Kentucky Equine Research (KER) situated in America. KER is dedicated to Equine Nutritional Research and therefore the formulations are based on the latest research and technology. We endorse Capstone’s motto: “Half the Breeding is in the Feeding”.

We strongly believe that even though we breed the perfect horse on paper and have given the best nutrition, if a horse is not schooled properly, it will not reach its full potential and can result in dire consequence for both horse and rider. Keeping this in mind, we have gone into a partnership with Elena Jankowitz & Anya Moller – two of the top-ranking riders in South Africa. Elena is a true horseman and has a passion for the schooling of young horses. We believe in having a “hands-on” approach and therefore every step of the schooling process is either done by Elena or ourselves. Each young horse is treated as an individual and the schooling process is adjusted accordingly. Anya has vast experience in producing young show jumpers and once ready, Elena hands the prospective show jumpers over to Anya for further development.

What an amazing opportunity & immense joy, for any rider to acquire a horse who has been personally schooled by two of SA’s best. This can only be a great start to its career!

Breeding Strategy

Our stud is situated just south of Johannesburg with a calcium rich water source and cultivated pastures. The spacious paddocks allow plenty of free exercise for our youngsters, promoting optimal bone density & a natural outlook on life – invaluable for their mental & emotional development. Natural living conditions also allows them to develop a strong immune system that is able to cope in harsh South African conditions.

All horses are reared on an expertly formulated Capstone diet, ensuring a long & sound competitive career.

Our youngsters are produced professionally by two top ranking South African riders:
Show Jumping – Anya Moller
Dressage – Elena Jankowitz