Hay Production

In addition to our shops in Heidelberg & Balfour, we run an intensive hay making operation just outside Nigel. Our core business on the farm is producing Eragrostis & Teff hay for the equine industry and thus every detail of the process is treated with the utmost importance. We analyse our soil annually and follow a strict fertilization program to ensure high nutrient concentration in the grass. Higher protein levels = increased palatability = weigh gain. Keep in mind, even though grass may appear soft & green, if fertilized inadequately, it will not be as palatable and nutrient rich as well fertilized hay. This may result in excessive wastage.

We produce an average of 9 000 x 1.25m round bales per annum. We currently have facilities to store 3 300 round bales under roof. We have been fortunate over the past 8 years to acquire state of the art hay making equipment. This enables us to produce high quality hay at cost effective prices, thus putting a saving back in your pocket.

Orders and deliveries of hay can be arranged through the sales staff at our feed shops. Deliveries take place in loads of 22 bales. Customers are welcome to collect from the farm on arrangement. We strive to produce top quality hay and offer a year-round service to our loyal hay clients at reasonable prices.