“half the breeding is in the feeding”

Myself & Kobus established Grandè Roux Feeds & Stud in 2010. I have been involved with horses from a young age and followed my passion by acquiring a diploma in Equine Science. Kobus qualified as a Mechanical Engineer and has always been the financial benefactor – using every paycheck & bonus to invest into our business venture.

After studying, I had the opportunity to complete my practical year at Alzu Weltmeyer Stables & Stud. We purchased a beautiful warmblood broodmare from them, with which to start our own breeding program. But as all horse people know you can’t have only one horse and we soon purchased two more top quality broodmares from Dageraad Stud in the Cape.

As the saying goes – “half the breeding is in the feeding”, I intensively studied Equine Nutrition to improve upon the feeding of our own growing youngsters. We realised that there was a need in the market and started distributing horse feed. Initially our business literally operated from a spare room and gradually grew bigger & bigger, up to the point where we were able to purchase our own property in town from which we could run the business.

In 2013, Dori Over joined the team. Dori has a diploma in Equine Science with years of experience in the industry. She has literally worked in every sector and understands the industry extremely well. She has a passion for equine physiology and has done a lot of research on this topic. Dori has been a key role player in the growth of our business and is a valuable part of Team Grandè Roux.

Thanks to all our loyal customers we have been able to build a business much bigger & more successful than we could ever have imagined. As always, we strive to offer excellent service at the best possible price – in other words – making a small profit from a large number of customers instead of a large profit on only a small number of customers.